How to Write a Book

Writing my first book is one experience which would remain very close to my heart. There is a writer in everyone who wants to Author a book, but usually there are list of questions that cloud the mind

How to start writing a book?

How to write a book?

How to write a good book?

How to become a story teller?

How to write a Novel?

How to write a story?

How to become and Author?

How to publish a book?

How to get published?

How to write and publish a book?

These questions were my worry too before I started to write. And I learnt that the moment these thoughts come, one must just believe that –

I want to write a book

I can write a book

I will be writing and Publishing a book

And begin writing, which is what I did. Our life story is a complete series of book in itself, there is drama, adventure, suspense and a host of emotions that can help us create books after books.

Now out of experience I could say that when one begins to write, keep the first thing in mind that it is a creative writing and we can’t bind it to logics at every point. It took me time to understand this but once realized I decided to set myself free to think.

First few pages of the book get covered within no time and then begins the real struggle, In my case I had thought about a subject which could have given me 100 page content but soon realized that I was running out of it.

At this time, don’t get discouraged just give your mind a break from the pressure of thinking. It’s important to pamper yourself; that is the best way to get the best results out. I pampered myself and allowed my mind to observe things that were happening around.

I realized that this therapy actually worked, the mind grasps content with ease, this content can then be fabricated and used to fit in the story that one is writing. It’s always good to write the first draft while working, it relaxes. I made a note of key points that had the potential of becoming an important part of the book.

When the first draft was over, I celebrated as it was the only way to make myself realize that the first milestone was achieved. It’s important to give a brief break to the mind, so that it can think beyond whatever is captured by the pen and paper.

I then didn’t expect the draft to be of hundred pages; the only objective of the first draft remains that it gives us a picture of what we are thinking. At times even the genre changes while editing.

When you pick your work for the second inning, you might be upset with your first attempt, as I was. I took that as a positive sign, considering that my break helped in thinking better and clearer. I then began the first round of editing, which still is the most interesting part of writing DARK WhITE.

The first editing went in connecting the dots and defining the story, the characters which were almost left incomplete while making the draft. The confidence level shot up leaving me with a sense of pride post first editing got over.

I realized that the first editing takes time, even if you are giving it your complete time; take it as a normal process. At this step I could not think about the scientific steps of writing a book that comprise of the following parts –

1. Define a plot
2. Define the genre
3. Define the characters
4. Define the flow of the story, including creating chapters.

The only focus was on how to make the content more meaningful and more connecting. Once the first editing was done there was a sense of achievements, but at the back of the mind there still was a fear that something was missing.  Am sure this will happen with you too, but we have to take it normal, it’s a positive sign that we realize the scope of improvement. Relax and celebrate. Give yourself a good break before entering the second round of editing. 

It is now that I got into character defining; since l was clear what role each one of them would play in the plot. During the second editing you get more practical with your work realizing that you have started thinking more with your mind than writing with your heart, unlike the first two phases. Very good, enjoy this feeling as I did; it is a sign of maturing as a first book Author. It was after this phase that I decided the title ‘DARK WhITE’ for my first Novel.

Next two to three editing would polish the work, and get us more close to the scientific steps defined above. Before making final round of editing share your work with few close people, take their opinion, not to get influenced, but to get an idea of their reaction. The best chapters need to be shortlisted and synopsis needs to be prepared to be sent to the Publication House, the feedback from them helps in getting that perspective.

Once I was satisfied with their feedback, immediately got into final editing and sent the initial draft it to the list of chosen publication houses.

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